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WriterZen stands out from its competitors by being the tool that helps you simplify your content creation workflow. WriterZen will walk you through the most optimal content writing process based on your SEO expertise. WriterZen allows you to discover hidden topics and establish topic clusters, research keywords that amp your content’s ranking and drive traffic, mend your content together with a text editor powered along with GPT-3 and AI Writing Assistant.

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The Content Creator tool eases tracking and collaboration between dependent sections of a larger project. It features advanced NLP analysis on top 20 competitors’ websites to recommend suggestions in keywords to include, outlines to use, headings, and paragraph structure to help your content rank with ease.

WriterZen also offers a highly advanced Plagiarism checker with a generous amount of words checked per day. It helps you ensure not only the quality of your content but also the integrity of its originality.

Content Creator

  • Consolidate your research into a single place easily
  • Coherently structure your content from scratch
  • Collaborate with teammates & colleagues efficiently
  • Construct masterful writing using a rich editor

Keyword Explorer

  • Rely on powerful metrics to decorate your content
  • Realize Golden keywords for any topic
  • Rapidly cluster keywords with 100% accuracy
  • Revive the quality of your content using precise insights
  • Recover all your keywords from any place, at anytime

Topic Research Algorithm

  • Delve into a new realm of content ideation
  • Decipher the most sought-out headlines for a topic
  • Determine the most desirable insights from your audience
  • Construct masterful writing using a rich editor

Google NLP is NOT included

What You’ll Get

  • Keyword lookup: 75 keywords/day
  • All-in title checker and cluster function: 40,000 keywords/month
  • SERPs overview Ahrefs data: Yes
  • Insights segmentation (Grouping keywords by user’s search intent): Yes
  • Full export function for data, insights & cluster: Yes
  • Golden scale keyword filtering: Yes
  • Sales per keyword simulation (ESKP): Yes
  • Topic lookup: 75 topics/day
  • Competitors headlines generators: Yes
  • Content brief: 70 articles/month
  • Keyword import: 7,000 keywords/time
  • Plagiarism Checker: 40,000 words/day with 7,000 words per time check
  • Report sharable links: Yes
  • Import content from multiple sources: Yes
  • Save your keywords to your personal keyword database: 50 keywords

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WriterZen plans
Writerzen Pricing
  • One Time Purchase of $69.00 $1035.00
  • Lifetime access to WriterZen
  • All future Basic (T1), Standard (T2), & Advanced (T3+) Plan updates
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 4 codes
  • Only for new WriterZen users who do not have existing accounts
  • Note: Previous Self Listing buyers cannot stack this deal onto their current accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
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