Marketing Tools Product Review- TruConversion

Marketing Tools Product Review- TruConversion

Worried about dropping conversion rates? You are doing extensive marketing for your business or product with top-notch techniques and still, the conversion

reports give you a mini heart attack? Your best minds are constantly working at it, still, the results disappoint you? Maybe it is time, you need TruConversion!.

Most of the time, a business is able to attract visitors through various marketing techniques like social media marketing or paid ads marketing, but even then the

conversion rate does not increase. To resolve this snag you need to know exactly when the customers are leaving and what needs to be changed to increase

customer engagement so that they start believing in your services. TruConversion does that for you.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


You need to set up your website with TruConversion by embedding the code in your website header provided by TruConversion. All you need to do then is to

verify your installation and Voila! your website is set up.


This feature lets you create Heatmaps for your website and select the pages from which data has to be collected with the option to set up match parameters like

a simple match, exact match, and the status as active/inactive.


This feature lets you set up a recording for your website with an email notification being sent to the registered email id upon completion. This feature allows you to

track where your visitors are stopping or leaving by recording their browsing activities.


This feature allows you to create a sales funnel where you are able to track their dropout position and what you need to improve. Making changes in those areas

will result in higher conversion rates. Setting up the funnel is very easy by just entering the steps.


Observing the filled-out forms is one way of knowing how and what your customer is feeling. These statistics provide a baseline for improvement. The forms are highly customizable and can be easily molded to suit your needs.

Micro surveys

Surveys are the best way to gather information from customers. This feature lets you create micro surveys in your website where ever you want on whichever action you want. You can enter the page URL where you want the survey to pop up and also choose the device for which you want the survey.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not have dedicated Android or IOS apps, but it can be accessed using web browsing through mobile web browsers.


This tool provides integration with many other essential tools like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Optimizely, Ontraport, MailChimp, Marketo, KissMetrics,

Campaign Monitor, and Infusionsoft.


The tool provides support through a live chat with its team. You can report an issue using the report an issue button which appears on the right-hand

side of the screen with the option of providing a summary and description. It also has extensive help blogs to facilitate its users in exploring the options of the tool.

Pros and Cons of TruConversion


  • Many other essential features are missing, which products of this category provide.
  • No track for SEO.


  • Clicking on create form button does not create the form. Unresponsive!
  • It does not have mobile apps.
  • The surveys feature is not yet launched.


The differentiating factor of TruConversion is definitely the feature of embedding micro surveys that lets you collect information

directly from the users without going through the hassle of adding the code to the website individually.

Best alternatives

  • Smartlook
  • Instapage
  • G2 Deals
  • Hotjar
  • Mouseflow
  • FullStory
  • Contentsquare
  • Plerdy
  • Glassbox
  • Acoustic
  • Crazy Egg

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